Where to Send Mail

Inmate mail should be sent to:

Washington County Justice Center

(Inmates Name and Booking Number)

26861 Highway 34

Akron, CO 80720

Inmates receive mail Monday through Friday, except when there is a holiday and the office is closed.

Incoming mail will be screened.

Reasons for Rejected Mail

  • Personal Check or Cash is received
  • Postage stamps (inside with the letter), stickers, lipstick, ink-pad stamp, glitter, or glue.
  • Musical cards or cards with springs.
  • Gang related material/photo. Includes graffiti.
  • Phone card or other unauthorized property.
  • Sexually explicit communication and/or photo.
  • Contains descriptions, plans, or threats of criminal activity.
  • Contains Polaroid picture or picture larger than 5″x 7″ ( if multiple photos are on one page they are considered one picture and the page must be smaller than 5″ x 7″).
  • Contains material that may create racial tension within the facility.
  • Contains correspondence for someone other than the inmate it is addressed to.
  • Books received were not directly sent from a publisher or book store such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
  • Contains newspaper or magazine clippings.
  • Inmate to inmate correspondence
  • No return address.
  • Must have both First and Last name on return address.
  • Sticky notes attached
  • Any material that is deemed inappropriate for this facility.

For questions or concerns, please call (970) 345-2244.